Oct 03, 2011

Does Ozzy Osbourne need a home inspector?

Home inspectors throughout the nation are always looking for new ways to generate business for themselves. Offering a home inspection to sellers is a way to generate more business and can potentially open some previously untapped referral markets. If you are in southern California, you might consider calling Ozzy Osbourne and asking him if he has considered getting a sellers home inspection to help move his Malibu property.

Could a home inspector herp Ozzy and Sharon sell their home 300x194 Does Ozzy Osbourne need a home inspector?

Could a top notch home inspector help Ozzy and Sharon sell their home?

As you can see from Ozzy needs a home inspector to sell his house, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have listed their Malibu house again. Maybe if a home inspector told them what the issues were with the house they could correct them and get the property to move.

As a home inspector if you are marketing to real estate agents and other referral sources you will want to secure for yourself and your business the proper home inspector insurance coverage. To learn more about your state requirements click here.

Or you can always call one of us here on the InspectorPro Team at 801.610.2700.

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