Oct 10, 2011

What can a home inspector learn from Drew Rosenhaus?

You no doubt know who Drew Rosenhaus is, right? He’s the agent to some of the most successful and talented NFL stars in the game today. You most likely know him from one of his many exploits on behalf of his clients.

How about a few to jog your memory….

You no doubt have an opinion about Mr. Rosenhaus, regardless of whether you love him or hate him, what can we learn from him? Drew is a master at blowing a horn. Sometimes he blows it for himself, sometimes for his clients, sometimes both. Most of us may not agree with his style or the way he works, but he does one thing very well…He markets himself every chance he gets. Mr. Rosenhaus never passes up an opportunity to stand in front of a group of people market his skills. Yes, he is a good agent. He has succeeded at landing his clients big money contracts for the teams they want to play for. He is obviously a shrewd negotiator.

But in my opinion he is a better marketer.

As is true in any business, we must be proficient at our skill. That means for the InspectorPro Team understanding and being able to explain potential risks and exposures to home and building inspectors. We then need to be able to explain what the best coverage is for them and their business and why.

As a home inspector, inspecting for and finding problems or concerns in a persons home or commercial building. But we must be just as good, if not better, at marketing ourselves to others. We need to be like Drew Rosenhaus and take every opportunity to tell others about home inspecting and why they should choose is to inspect their next home.

A few ideas for you:

    1. Marketing to a different group than normal, ie. lawyers, doctors, dentists, etc.
    2. Become involved with various networking and marketing groups
    3. Make sure your website is up-to-date and optimized for your local area
    4. Give a good referral (I believe every good deed will be rewarded)
    5. If you go to church, post your services on the bulletin board, in the newsletter, take about it at the next pot luck. Don’t be shy
    6. Write and article for the local newspaper. Next time they have a question about something in the home, they just might call you!!

If you want more information about home inspector insurance, what coverage you need for your business, or what your current coverage is, give the InspectorPro Team a call. We are happy to help with whatever questions you have. 801.610.2700

Take every advantage of the opportunities in front of you to talk about and prove you are the home inspector expert. It’ll pay off for you just like it has for Drew Rosenhaus.

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