Dec 01, 2011

Busting the BCS and home inspecting?

Busting the BCS and home inspecting……

College football this time of year has a habit of talking about the teams trying to ‘Bust the BCS’. This post won’t address or attempt to address the current BCS system, or make a pitch for a playoff format or any of the other conversations and dialogues that exist today. We know many of you are college football fans and we also know that a bunch of people who read this blog are home inspectors. So what we are aiming for in this blog post is to talk about the ways the current BCS can be related to home inspecting and any small business for that matter to make it through these tough economic times.

Success in business is a lot like the BCS this year. You have to persevere. In years past the BCS rating system “punished” schools that were not able to navigate their schedules loss free. It would seem that in each year the BCS had other undefeated teams that would move into the BCS title game picture when a previously undefeated team stumbled.

However, this year the BCS picture is a bit different. LSU and Alabama are ranked as the 2 best college teams in the nation at this point in the season. (Although USC could make a strong case for playing some of the best football as of late).

LSU and AL played a tough game earlier this year with many of the pundits opining that the winner, if they didn’t lose as well, were on a straight course to the BCS title game. In fact many of those same pundits also remarked there should not be a rematch of the LSU vs. AL game for the BCS title game, should that situation arise.

LSUFootball Busting the BCS and home inspecting?  VS. AlabamaFootball Busting the BCS and home inspecting?

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For a few weeks after the LSU vs AL match-up the college football landscape had some new teams who stepped up and made some waves. Teams like Stanford, Oklahoma State, Oregon, and even Boise State was in the discussion at one time. But alas, each of these teams stumbled and lost a game down the stretch. As I type this post the current BCS Rankings are (1) LSU, (2) Alabama, (3) Oklahoma State get the rest of the poll at ESPN College Football Polls.

If the BCS championship game were played today, Alabama would be the beneficiary of having persevered. Business, especially small business is like Alabama in college football today. There are many big games and situations where we don’t come out ahead or feel like we won the battle. But we have to remember the battle is all we lost. The war is still going on. We can’t get down on ourselves or stop doing what is successful and can bring results. You have to persevere. And in the end you’ll be playing on the big stage again. You’ll have a shot at the title.

In fact most of us will try to market to the biggest referral partner in our market space at least once. Chances are our attempts were not successful the first time, and maybe not even the second, third, or fourth. But if we are polite and persistent, it can and many times will payoff in the future.

One last note…. Good football teams and good businesses also take steps and put plans in place to handle the unexpected. The biggest one I can think of is the star quarterback getting hurt. No one wants this to happen, but sometimes accidents or injuries occur.

Home inspectors are no different. As an inspector you don’t plan to miss or forget to inspect something, but sometimes errors happen. Like a football team having a back player, a home inspector should have a plan in place to help prevent errors from happening in the first place and protecting them in the event one occurs. Major components of this plan ought to include a solid inspection agreement, effective risk control measures, quality assurance steps, and insurance to handle the incidents that evolve into claims.

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