Oct 20, 2011

What does a world series umpire and home inspecting have in common?

Last night the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers began playing World Series 2011. St. Louis held on for a 3-2 win. Game 2 was last night and the Rangers evened the series. It’s probably not often you think of sports and home inspecting as having something or anything really in common. Umpires are professionals that help maintain the integrity and the civility of the game while, for all intents and purposes, trying to remain some what in the background. In fact during this World Series even the casual fan knows some of the players and managers: Albert Pujols, Tony LaRussa, Josh Hamilton, Adrian Beltre, Lance Berman, etc. A few of the super-fans of the game will know who the umpires are. But for the most part, the umpires will perform in the background and will stay there throughout the series.

Home inspectors are kind of the same. Home inspectors are not the main characters in the buying and selling of a home. But they do perform a vital service and help keep things level. Or we could say that at least a home inspector helps a buyer make an educated and informed decision. Lets look at a few situations in a baseball game and see how they relate or compare to a home inspector.

rightfield What does a world series umpire and home inspecting have in common?
Fair or foul?
The ball is hit deep to right field and is fading towards the fair/foul pole down the right field line. Its dark. The lights in the stadium are on, and every once in a while there are flashes from fans cameras in the upper and lower decks. As the ball gets closer to the right field stands the fans are rising to their feet to catch a glimpse of what will potentially be a home run. The umpire is racing down the right field line to get closer to make the call. Fair or foul!

While not perfect, the umpire makes the most accurate call they can in a split second. The umpire takes into account that the batter was right-handed and that means the ball will be tailing away from the field of play. Prior to the pitch the umpire, most likely checked the flags at the top of the stadium to see which way the wind was blowing, if at all.

This is like a home inspector. As a home inspector walks a property they notice the slope and grade of the lot, the home inspector will also notice the slope and grade of adjoining lots and of the neighborhood in general. A professional home inspector is aware of the weather, not only of the weather at the time of the inspection but also for the immediate past. A professional home inspector will also notice the other items in the home that may be indications of a larger concealed problem. Something like fresh paint in the basement that may be hiding stains from past moisture intrusion. A professional home inspector is cognizant and aware of the situation and acts much like an umpire during a baseball game.

Safe at first What does a world series umpire and home inspecting have in common?
Calls at the bag?
The batter skips the pitch off the infield grass and towards the gap between short and third. Both players make a move to the ball with the shortstop coming up with the ball as he is moving away from first base. Off-balance he throws across his body to first hoping to force the runner out at the bag. The ball and the runner appear to reach first base at exactly the same time. This is ofter referred to as a “bang-bang” play. And the umpire is required to make the call.

A home inspector has to do the same thing. Just like the play at first there are many times a home inspector will see something just once and for a split second but that triggers a response and some notes in their report. Home inspectors notice things like the sun shining just perfectly to show the gaps between the window and the wall. Or the beam of the inspectors flashlight might illuminate some moisture intrusion signs in the attic that might not have been noticeable to anyone else. Just like the world series umpire that has had years and years of practice and game-time experience, the home inspector is the same. The home inspector has been trained and schooled in what to look for and the signs that may lead to defects that the previous homeowner may be trying to cover.

Home inspectors are in many ways just like a world series umpire who has years of experience, a crew that works with them, and the skills and professionalism to do their job with the whole world watching. Each year home inspectors receive training and skill enhancements to help them see and report on issues so that you can make an informed decision about the property in question. The best inspectors typically carry insurance and many of them are bonded. If you are a world class home inspector and would like to learn more about home inspector insurance, give us a call at 801-610-2700. Let us cover you while you’re out in the field.

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