Jul 15, 2011

What is Home Inspector E&O Insurance

Professional liability insurance is often referred to as Errors and Omissions Insurance or E&O Insurance. Home Inspector E&O Insurance focuses on alleged failure to inspect or discover a defect of a home or commercial building you have inspected. Home Inspector E&O Insurance sometimes also provides for the defense costs if there is a suit filed against the inspector. Home Inspector E&O insurance is required by law in some states for home inspectors and home inspector e&o insurance may also be required under contract by other businesses that refer business to you for your home inspection service.

A few examples of when you might need home inspector e&o insurance would be in the event you neglected to mention in your report that the bricks on the chimney are pulling away from the house, or if you failed to notice and report the deck was not secured to proper footing.

The difference between home inspector e&o insurance and home inspector general liability is that home inspector general liability insurance would cover the inspector in the event the inspector punched a hole in the drywall with their ladder, or if the inspector left their ladder leaning against the roof during the inspection and someone tripped over the ladder and was injured. Both of these scenarios would be covered by home inspector general liability insurance.

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